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The Atonement Must Not Have Been Mathematical

August 20, 2008

(Started August, 2000; revised August, 2008)

Here’s what happens when a computer scientist thinks too hard about theology:

To say that Jesus bore the wrath of God for the sin of all those he came to save has some interesting implications. For example, in a short amount of time, Jesus had to experience the wrath of God equivalent to the punishment of millions of people for eternity.

Since Jesus could endure an infinite duration of punishment for millions of people in a few hours of suffering by one person, perhaps he has an infinitely higher threshold of pain than other people. Maybe that short period of suffering was possible because it was infinitely more agonizing for him, as the Son of God, to be separated from God the Father by his wrath, than for an ordinary person.

So why a few hours of suffering? Why not half an hour? Or an instant? Is there an upper bound on intensity of suffering sustainable by a God-man? Did he choose the time of his death when he declared “It is finished”?

If all of his suffering from God’s wrath took place on the cross (as opposed to after his death and before his resurrection), then the duration of the suffering was partly determined by the mode of execution, although he did die sooner than the Romans expected him to.

Before I give in to the temptation to write an equation, I’d better go do something that’s either technical or theological. Mixing the two causes great confusion….


Now It’s Just The Mack

August 8, 2008

Sometime in the early 1990s, a friend who regularly visits Prince Edward Island in Canada brought me back a couple of pictures she’d taken there, of a theater in the capital, Charlottetown:

Although I’d been to nearby Nova Scotia, I’d never made it to PEI until last month. So I was excited when we drove through the downtown of Charlottetown and approached a familiar corner brick building. But, alas, too late–the name is now:

I guess everyone must have called it “The Mack” as a shorthand, and finally they just made that the theater’s name, probably in the 2004 renovation. Alas.

Time for Rap and Breakdancing

August 7, 2008

I’m about 25 years behind the cultural curve.

Back in the early 1980s, in high school, I had a friend (a white guy a year younger than me) who was a heavy metal fanatic. Then suddenly he changed his passion to breakdancing. I couldn’t relate. I was a rock snob.

I’d hear Herbie Hancock’s “Rockit” and Sugarhill Gang’s “Rapper’s Delight” on the radio and thought they were OK, but that was about it for rap music.

Fast forward 20 years. A black guy from D.C. named Curtis Allen joins my church and releases his first Christian rap album, and I actually like a lot of it. I like a lot of his next album, too.

This spring, I found myself the as main engineer and co-Executive Producer of his third full length CD, and I love it. He told me I is officially gangsta. Here’s a picture from the recording sessions (we also made a video):

Several years ago I got married. My wife Bridgette loves dance and gymnastics, and it’s kind of starting to rub off. A few weeks ago I was flipping through the TV channels and came across a show that’s a competition to be named “America’s Best Dance Crew.” I discovered that the crew I liked the best were some breakdancers from Las Vegas called Super Cr3w. They’re acrobats, really. Here’s a sample (the performance starts around 1:45 in the video):

I’m up with the times. I just take 25 years to adjust.

(And I still like rock.)