About Me

I am a software developer for Govini, a data analytics startup.

Previously I was a computer programmer and system administrator for Mantech, Pi-Coral (an enterprise storage startup), UUNET (now part of Verizon), the University of Maryland, Cygnus Support (now part of Red Hat), the Free Software Foundation, the Environmental Defense Fund, and St. Olaf College. As a programmer, I focused on Unix and similar platforms; I wrote or co-wrote a lot of the system utilities in GNU/Linux and contributed some improvements to Apache and ProFTPD.

I used to run a recording studio and did engineering for music albums and conferences, and shot and edited video.

I am married to Bridgette and we have two daughters.

I enjoy photography and playing guitar and have played and recorded demos with a rock band and a folk band. I have led and played in worship bands, but now I mainly do sound mixing and podcast editing for church.

I also enjoy camping, hiking, mountain biking, volleyball, street hockey, playing with kids, collecting jokes and making horrible puns. I like reading nonfiction and witty, insightful cartoons like Tintin, Asterix, and Dilbert.

You can contact me by email.


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