One of the Most Influential Books I’ve Read

While reflecting on what has contributed to the way I think, I realized that one of the things that influenced me most is a book a lot of people haven’t heard of. I recommend it to anyone who’s serious about thinking about life. It’s not very long.

It’s called The New Testament Documents: Are they Reliable?, by F.F. Bruce.

This is one of those books that challenges the whole way you look at the world, and engages you in serious dialog with its ideas. But it’s not only for intellectuals; it was written for a general audience.

It’s listed on Amazon, but that appears from the reviews to be a counterfeit version riddled with typos. My copy is over 20 years old and I don’t recall any typos in it. Copies from two major publishers are available from other stores.

At Barnes and Noble:

Inter-Varsity Press edition

Eerdmans Publishing edition


Inter-Varsity Press edition

Eerdmans Publishing edition

I also found them at Borders, but it looks like they cost a few dollars more (I didn’t compare shipping costs).


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