Origin of the mouse

From nielsen@bellcore.com Thu Jan 24 12:17:53 1991
From: nielsen@bellcore.com (Jakob Nielsen)
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Subject: Re: Question: origin of mouse
Date: 24 Jan 91 15:12:04 GMT
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In article  thomas@mvac23.UUCP (Thomas Lapp)
>I think that the computer mouse was invented at Xerox PARC as part
>of the Xerox Star computer (right?).  If so, who designed this
>device, and who first coined the work "mouse" to describe it?

No, the mouse was invented in 1964 by Doug Engelbart at SRI.
He writes (in A. Goldberg (Ed.), "A History of Personal Workstations" p. 196):
"No one is quite sure why it got named a 'mouse', or who first started using
that name. None of us would have thought that the name would have stayed with
it out into the world, but the thing that none of us would have believed either
was how long it would take for it to find its way out there".


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